Why Money Is Killing Us

Impeding our growth intellectually, spiritually and even collectively physically as a species – is this power game where to participate, you must earn money. The affected are all of the people alive today, no matter where you are for the consequences of someone accumulating money will impact your life. Their actions with such illusory power can determine the environment of our planet, the state of poverty, the economy and essentially the experience of life you will have. How you may ask? This game only has one player, the human race. However, it is seen as an individual journey, but your place resides exactly where it must be in regards to the position of everyone else. What this means is that not all of us can be rich, there is only a small window for those to indulge in being millionaires, and even a pinhole for those to become billionaires. But they can only be in that position if the rest of us are in middle class, lower middle class, poverty, and extreme poverty. These are our dependent positions for this structure to maintain and hold.

People quite often tend to believe that achieving a world where poverty does not exist is possible through this structure, it clearly is not. No matter how many charities are around, how much money is donated, shared and circulated through everyone’s bank accounts, it is impossible for this system to coexist with a world where everyone is living comfortably in equilibrium with their fellow man. If all billionaires and millionaires of let’s say, the US dollar decided to give up their riches and share their money equally with every person around the world; all of a sudden there would be a negative shift in the economy, a huge reduction in the availability of goods and services, a confusion of the correct prices that reflect the apparent value and so forth. This is due to the reason that people would be able to lodge their claim for a good or service and have a reasonable right to do so, for they would be in possession of what we have put our all into; money. Money breeds terrible issues and problems. The pulverising hell that is expanding to engross and destroy ourselves is being bought and invested by everyone who uses money as a source for living. We are purchasing our extinction. Money can no longer be the fuel to our needs; our salvation, therefore, is to eradicate money and turn to technology.

I do genuinely think that we have arrived at a time where with the use of our intelligence and strategic planning, working for money can become obsolete. It is no longer needed with the advancement of our technology and a shift in lifestyle. I speak strictly about the need to spend your time completing tasks to acquire paper so that you can purchase the basic needs for human survival. Needs like water, electricity, shelter and food. These necessities for survival can be provided and available free of charge if we put our love, power and intelligence into inventing and implementing ideas and technology that can push this type of world on to the side of existence. Where mass amounts of healthy, environmentally friendly food can be produced and provided for all. Where solar energy confinements can power entire states free of charge. Where fresh water can be extracted and obtained in large amounts with ease. Where types of buildings that host plenty of people can be built by the intelligent automation. People will be quick to define such thoughts as “foolish dreaming”, but to not even dream, let alone do nothing about our predicament is absurd. After all, we know the imagination to be a powerful source in regards to what happens to our planet and what world will be experienced.

It is absolutely strange to me that no serious amount of effort and discussions are taking place within our societies and governments to figure out a way of how we can eliminate money entirely and replace it with technology – advanced automation to do our drudgery for us and produce goods and services necessary for human survival. Considering that we are not currently thinking about this, what are we doing collectively as a species? No one seems to have a clue; it’s just random nonsense with no direction or unity. Why we do not come together, assimilate in the world at hand, discuss our problems and creatively think of solutions to solve our issues, I do not know.


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