The Modern Human Predicament

The universe we have become aware of so far in our travels as humans is lonely. All we have is our planet and ourselves, co-existing with other species to evoke a palette of multiple worlds that are evidently displayed in the present moment. The oppressiveness of culture and religion that reap the minds of a lot of people, especially the young, to separate and create false identities. The excessive human hunger for possessions, things that have made the essence of the modern Western cultured person to be avaricious, resulting in a world where the planet is sucked dry as the majority of us suffer the negative consequences in this destructive game that will ultimately be the demise of us all. That is the experience presented to those of us who are born and currently living as a human in the 21st century. Not a very attractive situation on earth. We are approaching a time in history where we are confronted with an enormous confusing plate of mess. Mess like the foolishness of over consuming, where the average person in the West has an addiction to acquire things, stuff that has no real value. Issues like the overwhelming drastic increase in poverty, the unhealthy physical and mental state of many, suffering from anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts. The lack of unity of humanity, split and divided by the illusory nature of the ego, culture, race, nationalism that as witnessed throughout history has led to one of the most obnoxious, destructive and primitive inventions ever to surface this planet, war. Humanity epitomises surreal complexity. Even amongst the art of our suffering and turmoil lie magical qualities that express the essence of creativity and produce the artist. Our ability to draw forth novelty from a puzzling source known to us as the imagination and implement our findings into this reality is wizardry like. Language as well is evidence of the incredible complexity we entail as beings. To be able to transfer the thoughts of one mind to another through small mouth noises travelling by transportation on sound waves is amazing.

The Human Race is Lost

Existence for us is unbelievable, complicated, magical, divine and yet hauntingly sad, and I believe the reason to that is because we are lost. Lost as a species in all areas physical, mental and spiritual. For we have become icons of delusion, allured by dangerous false belief systems that have a tight grip on the minds of the mass causing us not to find peace and love in our paradise of a world and the wonders that engulf it, but to create chaos and suffering for all forms of life that reside here. We have in our possession as humans, the power to manipulate and terraform an entire planet and ecosystem by the use of our intelligence and imagination. We can play God, but we are currently choosing to be the devil. So be it. If we wish to embody the force of destruction by turning this planet into a scene of mayhem, then we will suffer the consequences that mother nature inflicts in reaction to such actions, total extinction. The human species has toiled long enough at destroying this planet and impeding the evolution of other species, that the verdict on our future collectively is all but nearly certified. We will carry hundreds and thousands of years of evolutionary history upon our shoulders and march into the eternal darkness of our graves. With our religious doctrines in one hand, the flag of our nations in the other, our prejudices, thoughts, fears, hates, accomplishments written on our bodies and witness them turn into nothing, to see the real value of them, and realise the only importance on this side of the grave was love.


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