Love Creates Universes

Love Creates a Universe

I think part of the meaning of falling in love with someone is that you create a universe. A universe containing shared memories, experiences, thoughts, visions, desires – hopes and dreams; in which it’s existence is only real to the creators. So heartbreak, the loss of a loved one hurts so immensely for it is the collapse of an entire universe. It is the breakdown of a reality, causing the affected to feel lost, confused, and unaware of how to function without the other partner. Unsure of how to live within this new found environment of being alone that is always invaded by the transmission of memories of a past reality, a past universe that is slowing dying and fading out. Therefore, the only healthy response to this situation is simply to love again. To open your heart up to a new universe with someone who will show you their world, and together, form a connection which will lead to the creation, the birth of an organism with you and your partner’s universe intertwined within their molecules, their DNA. All of you and your partner’s memories, travels, adventures, experiences together prior to the birth of your child are part of the creating process of combining two hearts and minds. Then the physical act of sex, making love takes place to implement them into a physical being. In other words, your child is you and your partner’s universe brought into being, captured inside an organism and growing from the source of love in which you produce. Consequently, life becomes fascinating. It becomes an exuberance of novelty as you witness the evolution of a universe through the existence of your child. And so I believe, part the foundation of our universe, the force that drives the cosmos is the same foundation of all of our creations, it’s all love. Love breeds magic into existence.

Life is Magical

Life is not something dull, how can that be when it’s possible that someone could drop everything and fall in love with a person that they have just met for the first time? I refuse to believe that life is just this. That there aren’t any incredible discoveries yet to be found that would go against everything that we know, or what we think we know. I believe there is still a lot of unknown hidden magic about reality yet to be discovered by humans; fascinating and astonishing findings. I honestly do believe that existence is magical. Thinking such a way requires the need to dream, to imagine outside of the limiting “truths” that are handed to us, like the truth that to better yourself when sick, you must take medicine, that the mind itself cannot cure you. But yet the mind can tell my hand to write words that can influence and impregnate my thoughts into someone else’s mind. That is pure magic.

Once upon a time we stood in awe at the magic of fire, we witnessed the birth of the wizardry of language; we captivated ourselves with the enchantment of art, surrealism. We discovered the witchery craft of electricity, and we built machines that were once told in fairy tales. To still see reality as something dull and predictable is to live a blind life. Life is magical! It is alive with any possibility you can dream of. There once was a human who dreamt of not having to rely on their memories to capture moments of life and thus imagined a magical instrument that could do it for them. And so the camera was born. You see, we must not take the love of dreaming of magic as child’s play, for it is the essence of our reality, the source of our creations, the fundamental necessity to the entire cosmos itself. There really is something magical happening here.

Imagine if you will, being taken back in time to the 18th century and trying to tell someone of the possibilities based on your knowledge of the 21st-century creations. Your words would fall without meaning, looked upon as impossible by most, yet seen as possible magic by some. There is no difference as to where we are now. How can you say life is not magical when you put in consideration the astonishing inventions being made yearly by people daring to dream the impossible? Daring and driven by love to extract the enchanting ideas found in their imaginations and implement them into this world. Ideas like virtual reality, space exploration, deep ocean exploration, 3D printing, artificial intelligence, the magic that we now see as normal.


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