The Source

There is clearly something odd happening here, and by here, I mean existence. The strange thought of how weird it is that anything exists at all has haunted many of our minds since we can remember. Add in the thoughts of direction and purpose, and it’s easy to be left in a state of turmoil, amazement, hope, and despair; resulting in conflicting feelings and most likely needing rest. For many of us, we seek informative sources for answers. We propose complex questions in hope to settle the mind with thorough answers given by a source that believes to know the truth to all of our wonders. But unfortunately, answers do not come as quickly as our questions, and the information we obtain from various sources usually in time becomes outdated and proven incorrect as our understanding grows. Religion, for example, is an informative source that is there to allure the mentally lost people who seek easy deliverance from escaping a troubled mind that wishes to forget the pain of the unknowing by brainwashing and infecting themselves with ridiculous fallacies. Like an alcoholic who absorbs a substance that is unhealthy for their body as a way to forget their troublesome past or problems of their lives, people seek religion to fulfil the same duty of removing the discomfort that lingers within.

Science is another source of information that free intellectual thinkers have directed their attention and focus to in an attempt to answer the complex questions that are brought up by such imaginative beings. Science, however, solves as many problems as it creates. Michio Kaku summed science up when he said;

“But science by itself is morally neutral. Science is like a double-edged sword. One side of the sword can cut against poverty, disease, and ignorance. But the other side of the sword can cut against people. How this mighty sword is wielded depends on the wisdom of its handlers.”

Science has accomplished great things for humanity, discovered truths and information essential for the progression of our species. However, science, as it is, still cannot explain the incredible phenomena happening today and throughout our history. Answering questions such as what entails the complications of heartbreak? The desire to paint what your canvas of imagination has provided? To wordsmith lyrics and sing what you hear when music is playing? To cause Homo sapiens to leave their location and travel to foreign lands? What is this source that we communicate with frequently that is powerful enough to cause a species to evade stagnation and rather transcend progressively into a domain of creation? Is it possible that human history is all but written regarding a predestined future? Meaning all of us, collectively are destined for a particular conclusion that is purposeful. To believe in this can quite easily arise a laid back, non-guilt, hypocritical approach for one to take when concerning the saddening events that are occurring all around the world. It is easy for a person to believe in a destined future if they, themselves are not suffering from poverty, witnessing their families dying from inhumane actions, sold off and enslaved by people. Yes, it is easy, but that doesn’t mean the theory is negatively affected. Maybe it is possible to have a probable destiny that could be diverted by the individual or species. And to do this, one or more must not take risks and venture into the abyss of the unknown. Whatever the possible reason may be, it is clear that there is some attraction encouraging us to be curious, to engage with our imaginations, to pursue art and use the physical domain as a workshop to implement our creations. We have been in communication with it since we first decided to leave the plains of Africa and travel towards what we could not even begin to anticipate.

This source that we depend on, whatever it is, has played too great of a role in human history to ignore. It has brought forth prominent beings, from messiahs to Hitler’s, to artists and Greek philosophers. Frequently, influential people and ideas are injected into human existence, and this world from a source unknown and for a purpose only discovered in the felt moment.


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