There is a truth about you that runs deep within your history and flows back in time from the future. A purpose you know exists but is impeded by misrepresented happiness in superficial interests. Every day you wake up to hear it screaming within your soul. Yelling at you to stop living a lie when you force yourself to dress, act and live in a particular way to please your “friends”, society, culture and family. It even haunts you when you go to bed at night, keeping you awake for hours. Because you have a purpose. You are a world changer and were born to leave a mark in human history. A mark that will forever display and speak a story of a person that went against the grain. Who stood out as an individual of uniqueness. So to ignore such a significant destiny is almost suicidal. This is why so many people suffer from depression. Trust your intuition. Dream the dream you wish to be in and awaken to who you truly are. You’re powerful, magical, divine, and you’ll realise that once you give up the act of trying to fit in. EMBRACE BEING DIFFERENT. FIND THE OTHERS!